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  • FAME Asset Management Software Suite
  • Web based Solution for Capital Asset management, Facility Audit data, Preventative Maintenance and Service Requests


  • Field Services / Asset Condition Assessments
  • Business Case Development


  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Capital and Strategic Planning
  • Energy Management
"FAME is a client friendly software system that proves to be a critical asset in long term strategic planning as well as annual facilities budget planning. The FAME team provides outstanding technical support and training. This is a tool that every Facility Manager should possess. "
Mark Nerland, Supervisor of Facilities. Qu'Appelle Valley School Division #139
"We have quickly come to rely on FAME to provide us with access to information that enables timely, accurate reporting on our buildings. FAME is very user friendly allowing us to set up functional categories and reports that are unique to our operating and maintenance environment."
Greg MacNeil, Maintenance Supervisor ROCKY VIEW SCHOOL DIVISION
FAME Client Survey

FAME sent out a SURVEY to our client base, soliciting frank feedback on topics ranging from perceived value to the use of individual software modules. Direct client feedback has been critical to the success of FAME, see the feedback we received...


FAME proudly serves many industries, providing asset management solutions to over 2,000 client sites in both the public and private sector. Listed below are just a few of the markets we serve:

Public SectorPrivate Sector
K12 School BoardsCommercial
Post SecondaryProperty Management
Municipalities Condominiums
Public HousingPrivate Corporations
Health careHospitality

Mapping of Facilities and Assets

The FAME software platform now comes standard with built-in GIS mapping functionality.

Using addresses, coordinates or drag and drop, facilities and/or assets can be automatically mapped and viewed in various formats.

Distances and areas can automatically be calculated, icons created and managed, map views and assets can be layered, etc.



Energy & Sustainability

Regression Analysis

This popular FAME module which provides essential tracking and reporting of all energy data now includes automatic Regression Analysis.

FAME makes regression analysis easy. FAME automatically obtains daily weather data for your Facilities (anywhere in North America) then normalizes utility consumption and presents these results in point and click interactive charts.

In addition the energy module allows you to:

  • Report Utility/Greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint)
  • Collect and Trend consumption and cost
  • Graphically Analyze all data from gas emissions to consumption or cost per area.
  • Benchmark and compare between Facilities or types of energy consumed.
  • Compare utility consumption vs Mean temperature recorded (automatically).
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